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Coverage Scope of Medicare health Insurance

Medicare Health Insurance is an insurance scheme specifically set up by the Federal Government to assist aged persons and people with disability with handling their health needs. Senior citizens aged 65 years and above are eligible to sign up for Medicare health insurance including people with permanent disability below this age. Other groups of people covered by the Medicare Health insurance scheme include people suffering from acute kidney and renal ailments or requiring dialysis treatments.

The Medicare Health Insurance scheme is classified under four different parts which cover different health needs and different categories of those eligible. Outlined below are the different parts and coverage benefits available within the Medicare Health Insurance plan.

Part A- Hospital Insurance

This part of the Medicare health insurance is mainly concerned with the health needs of patients on hospital admission including nursing care. This can extend to limited blood transfusion, regular surgeries, laboratory tests and hospitalization for a limited period of time. Though, this part of Medicare health insurance suspends some of these services after extended periods of time. Most people covered under Part A Medicare health insurance do not have to pay anything.

Part B- Medical Insurance

Under the Part B for Medicare Health insurance, coverage benefits include medical supplies extended to the patient, services provided by medical staff and use of medical equipment for diagnosis and certain treatments. Though, Medicare takes care of 80% of the expensed approved in this regard, people not covered under Medicare health insurance would be required to make full payments. Coverage benefits under this part of Medicare health insurance extends to mental ailments, diabetes treatments and transportation via ambulance among others. Though, some form of payment is required to enjoy some services under Part 31 of Medicare health insurance.

Part C- Medicare Insurance

Part C of the Medicare health insurance is alternatively referred to as the Medicare Advantage, because it covers virtually all health needs and conditions. It just offers these services at a lower cost under Medicare Health insurance. Another advantage associated with this part is that it aids people whom are qualified to sign up for specific Health Management options.

Part D- Prescription Drug Coverage

This part is the all encompassing part under Medicare health insurance when it comes to drug prescriptions. It covers all persons regardless of their prescribed drug needs, medical conditions or income level. Though, it restricts drug dispensing to drugs for out patient purposes only for those who do not have any prescription drug coverage at all.

The importance of Medicare Health insurance cannot be under estimated as it is one of the most utilized plans in the United States and caters for those who might not have any form of support from anywhere else.

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